Javascript is required

These pages require "Javascript" to be turned on in your browser because this programming language is used to resize pictures to fit your browser window. However this feature appears to be off. If you do not enable Javascript the pictures will not appear.

There are several possibilities:
  1. It is turned off temporarily but your browser will offer to turn it on. If so, this option should now be showing, typically as a bar across the top of the page which contains a message that you can click to get to some options. The message may be referring to "active content".

  2. This site is in a non-trusted security zone for which scripting is disabled. In this case you may want to add the web site shown in your address bar to the list of "trusted sites" in your browser's "Security" preferences.

  3. Javascript is turned off also for trusted sites. In this case you may want to enable it for trusted sites, and then do as suggested in 2 above. But also ...
  • You can choose to have your browser prompt you for permission whenever a page from a new site tries to run a Javascript program. That is, your choices aren't limited to either enabling or disabling it. Instead, a third possibility is to get a prompt each time, and you can then choose what to do. These options are controlled in your browser's Security settings.
If you do not enable Javascript the pictures will not appear.

After Javascript is enabled, click here:
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